Terri Foley - Florida
I was told by an esthetician that nothing short of surgery could get rid of the puffiness on my upper eyelid - I was happy to tell her one more time that I had not had surgery.

She marveled at the difference. I use the PreventAge, RepairAge and Defining Gel on my face.

The Defining Gel on the orbital bone, the crows feet and around the lip area for those fine lines and the PreventAge and RapairAge all over my face and neck area. After just one day I could see the difference with the RepairAge. I am thrilled with how shallow my previously deep lines have are. You hear about products that make these claims, but Inch Loss Body Wraps  delivered!
Terri Foley Testimonial

Debbie Sasek Testimonial
Debbie Sasek - Michigan
When I reached the age of 40, I didn't realize how much our metabolism slows down. I had been trying all types of diets.

I would lose some weight, and then gain back more. I was very frustrated!

Since being introduced to the Inch Loss Body Wraps product line 10 months ago, I have lost about 30 pounds.

I feel better than I have felt in years. The most exciting thing about their system is that it gave me hope! I love the energy I have (with 3 teenagers and a fulltime job - I need it)! I love how much better I am sleeping at night and I love the satisfaction of sharing the products with others who are looking for great products to help them feel better, be healthy and look younger!

It is very hard to say which product is my favorite; that is why I am a firm believer in the New You Challenge Total Body Makeover! Everyone will find something that works and is life changing for them!

Nancy K - Michigan
"I used all the Inch Loss Body Wraps products (wraps, defining gel, and fat fighters), and, continued my normal workouts.

Now, I feel like I'm 20 years younger - Thanks!"

Nancy K Testimonial

Sandra W Body Wrap Testimonial
Sandra W - Houston Tx
"My results speak for themselves. I used 6 pairs of body wraps along with the defining gel to get these results.

At the same time, I started on an exercise regimen and stayed away from carbs.

My husband was so impressed, that he bought me a tanning package at a local spa, and I got my great tan. ;) "

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"I have lost a total of 10 lbs since I began taking the products the end of March. The Its Regular has helped me immensely with detoxing, especially while I%u2019m working on the weight loss. I was having crazy weird neck problems. I went to my chiropractor and he said a gland near my neck was working over time from the rapid weight loss I was experiencing from the many toxins I was eliminating. He suggested I rub it and that would help out. I took It%u2019s Regular and the problem was gone the next morning! " - Lisa "The products are phenomenal! I was pretty skeptical at first when I attended the wrap and lose party but after I lost one inch off of my neck I was sold!!! Since then, I have been progressively seeing my body "shrink" while I have felt the best I have in years! The products are truly a God send in my life. They have made all the difference in the world." - Leanna Rollins "My 2 newest clients lost 10 ¾ inches in her first 24 hours of using the wrap. The daughter lost 8 ½ inches and 3lbs in her first 24 hours." - Lisa Symonds

"My daughter initially was wrapped and she lost several inches on her %u2018love handles%u2019 After day two she lost 2 more inches from her waist, I was sold. I bought the wraps and they are working wonderful for us! " - Linda Senior